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Vents Magazine review

“There aren’t many rockers left like Rhett May, but with that said, he’s doing everything in his power to keep the heart and soul of the genre alive with passion as we hear in “Cocktails and Cannabis”, personally I think that the younger generation of upstart rock musicians could stand to learn a lot from his approach to making this single.

His patient attitude is indeed from another era, but his erudite sensibilities as a songwriter are something that is timeless, and frankly, awkwardly missing from the pop music spectrum right now. If you like pure rock n’ roll, you need to get yourself a copy of this single as soon as possible.

I can’t think of another artist in his scene going to these sort of sophisticated lengths in the studio, but to be fair, I’ve always known this cat to be one of a kind. The Australian singer and songwriter discharge venomous verses & haunting harmonies alongside a mischievous bass & gargantuan guitar riffing that together will keep listeners coming back.”

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