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Skope Magazine album review

“Rhett May – ‘Fast Cars and Sitars’ by Skope • December 28, 2015, Rhett May has put together his best effort yet, in my opinion, with ‘Fast Cars And Sitars’ where the recording quality is top of the line. Vocally & musically, Rhett May has outdone himself on his latest release. ‘Fast Cars and Sitars’ is pure perfection where Rhett’s Indian roots meet Rock & Roll fever.

Whether you like guitars or sitars, John Lennon or Ravi Shankar—in the words of Billy Joel “It’s Still Rock And Roll To Me”. And Rhett May does a beautiful job of blending the two worlds together on ‘Fast Cars And Sitars’.

All songs were recorded and produced by Rhett May & James Payne and all vocals & instruments were provided by Rhett May and James Payne. There are 10 songs featured on ‘Fast Cars And Sitars’ and honestly, every single song is phenomenal. I can’t pick out stand-out tracks here because each song is great in its own right and each has its own unique flavour. WOW!! WOW!!!”

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