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The Rhett May Momentum

“I have a long history with Rhett May and have to be honest when I say if I was to give away an award for Most Improved Artist Over Time, this musical trendsetter would take the grand prize!

It has been an amazing journey for Rhett May thus far and I am proud to say I have been part of it, from a listening standpoint. It’s amazing when I think back to the first time I came across Rhett May and his music back in 2009 and how, at that time, I wasn’t fully convinced yet.

Well, jump ahead 11 years to 2020 and I am fully in tune and all aboard the Rhett May Music Express! This award-winning singer/songwriter from Australia has been chuggin’ along for years with no unessential stops along the way. The Rhett May Momentum has been incredible and also the tremendous amount of growth as an artist has been something special to witness. I am a true fan!”

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