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Rock And Roll Emotions – Part 1 EP is out now! Soon to be released on CD + 12″ Vinyl!

In the depths of emotion, where raw vulnerability meets defiant passion, lies the heart of ‘Rock & Roll Emotions’…a project that presents in the release of two EPs – Part 1 and Part 2 Rhett May invites listeners on a cathartic journey through emotional highs and lows of the human experience A journey through the soul-stirring world of Rhett May, an artist unafraid to explore the depths of human experience with unyielding honesty.

His voice carries the weight of a thousand personal battles, each word dripping with a poignant sense of truth. He doesn’t sing to impress…he sings to connect…every lyric, a reflection of his journey through life and the relentless pursuit of artistic freedom. A tapestry of emotions, reflecting the human experience in all its complexities…his lyrics peel back the layers of existence, exploring love, loss and resilience.

Through every chord and verse, of this six song EP Rhett invites listeners into his world…a world shaped by the vibrant streets of Calcutta India and the gritty multicultural backdrop that is Melbourne Australia His music transcends borders and boundaries, resonating with audiences worldwide, who find solace and strength in his evocative melodies.

This is ‘Rock and Roll Emotions Part 1’ – Music & Lyrics by Rhett May

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