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“Creatures of the Night” by Rhett May is a perfect blend of pop and psychedelic performed with passion. Showcasing his immense talent, the guitar work is absolutely amazing as he goes from the gentle to the blistering, oftentimes within the same song. Nicely tying everything together his is affectionate lyricism heavily focused on love, lust, and the confusion that comes with relationships. “Creatures of the Night” runs the gamut from the jazzy sound of “When We Make Love” to the bombastic beautiful distortion of “Sandy Sweet as Candy”. By far the highlight of the album is the playful glam rock of “Latex Lady”. With a driving rhythm the song simply dominates, and the lyrics reveal a character study of a particularly special someone. Opting for a classic rock sound is the affectionate work of “Back Seat Of My Chevy”. Ambitious in its scope is the gargantuan sound of “ElixIr Of the Gods”..a mystical almost otherworldly feel. IMPRESSIVE LISTEN…A MUST !!” —  Skope Magazine, Aug 12, 2016

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