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New music videos

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It's been a busy year! I have been busy working on my business so I can sell it in 2023, that will enable me more time to focus on making new music. Thanks to everyone who have enjoyed my music…

The Rhett May Momentum

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"I have a long history with Rhett May and have to be honest when I say if I was to give away an award for Most Improved Artist Over Time, this musical trendsetter would take the grand prize! It has…

Skope Magazine album review

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"Rhett May – ‘Fast Cars and Sitars’ by Skope • December 28, 2015, Rhett May has put together his best effort yet, in my opinion, with ‘Fast Cars And Sitars’ where the recording quality is top of the line. Vocally…

3000 Records album review

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Creatures of the Night’ by Rhett May Rhett May has released a new 13-track masterpiece in the making ‘Creatures of the Night’, which he describes as an album showcasing his diverse songwriting skills. ‘Kiss your Mama with that Mouth’, ‘Space…

Vents Magazine review

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“There aren’t many rockers left like Rhett May, but with that said, he’s doing everything in his power to keep the heart and soul of the genre alive with passion as we hear in “Cocktails and Cannabis", personally I think…

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